Sire Medana Beach (Pantai Sire Medana) ------------------ Lombok, Indonesia

LOMBOK is rich with beautiful beaches. One of the choices there are beautiful beaches in the area of ​​North Lombok, precisely Sire Medana Beach.
Located 35 kilometers from Mataram city makes this beautiful coast became one of the most famous tourist sites and crowded visited by tourists.
A vast expanse of white sand, clear water, and coral reefs which maintained its continuity is a very attractive combination of beauty, and sire Medana Beach has it all. Not surprisingly, every inch of these tourist sites utilized the tourists to indulge a passion swimming, diving, and snorkeling.

Sire Medana also a page for some luxuries that you can enjoy on the island of Lombok, such as golf course 18 holes in Lombok Golf Kosaido Country Club, which not only presents an attractive field, but also a stunning panorama, Hotel The Oberoi Lombok has its deck screen and the yacht and super-spacious tropical gardens, beautiful, quiet, comfortable and luxurious.

Do not forget also the charm of the exotic Tugu Lombok Hotel. Rows of traditional thatched cottage with a courtyard garden area of ​​6 hectares of oil palm is a great sensation for you. But if that is not quite satisfactory, the friendliness, originality, taste cuisine, as well as additional views of the beauty of the panoramic sunrise of Mount Rinjani background will certainly be able to toss you feel up to the seventh heaven.

To complete perfection Sire Medana Beach tourist area, just take a look around for twenty minutes towards the open sea and you'll be met with the three musketeers tourist island of Lombok, the Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan. The island is surrounded by water so clear, beautiful stretch of coral and tropical fish collection in the brightest color is the idol and worshiped for tourists from all over the world,

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