Matras Beach, Bangka Island, Indonesia

Matras Beach Village is located in a New Light, Sungailiat District, east of Bangka island 40 km from Pangkalpinang and 7 km from City Sungailiat.

Among the other beaches in the Pacific, Matras Beach is a beach frequented by tourists, both domestic and foreign nationals.

In the vicinity of Matras Beach also has built some simple accommodations like bungalows, hotels, tours and travel services and places of entertainment that is appropriate to relax while enjoying the beauty of the beach mat.

In addition, there are many centers selling souvenirs and traditional foods such as Kemplang Bangka roast, fish crackers, bridge fish / squid, Rusip, belacan / illustration and many more.

This beach is the most visited by tourist .and very suitable when used for tours on weekends with their families. with white sandy beach ramps along the 3 km backdrop of palm trees and a natural river flow. Located in the village of Matras, Sinar Jaya Village, Sungailiat District, which is adjacent to the northeast Bangka Island. The beach is very beautiful and ramps. White sand and smooth.

Another specialty, comfortable and quiet location will give flexibility to the visitors to eat while reclining on rocks and enjoy the natural beauty of the beach. Matras beach region has also built a lot of simple bungalows resting place of an increasingly add to home visitors.

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