Kejawanan Beach, Cirebon, Indonesia

Kejawanan Beach, Indonesia Beach
In addition to recreational areas, Kejawanan Beach is used as a place of treatment of various diseases. Kejawanan beach water is believed to cure diseases such as rheumatism, gout, diabetes, stroke, bronchitis, skin diseases and cough that is by soaking in water or rinse his mouth.

But at least with the existing condition limitations, Kejawanan Beach attractions are located on the North Coast Main Line (northern), Cirebon, or rather in the Village Lemahwungkuk, Lemahwungkuk District, City of Cirebon, Indonesia, to give others Features.

The days are usually busy just three days, namely Friday, Saturday and Sunday, or on other national holidays. As shown on the holiday then, hundreds of visitors looking visited the site.
Kejawanan beach also considered to have greater value than other beaches. One of them assessed the efficacy of beach sand has a high salt content has a good for the treatment of various diseases, including chronic such as stroke and others.

Not surprisingly, then many people who come to this site with two objectives, namely to have fun and treatment of disease.

Nevertheless, the existence Kejawanan Beach has become something promising. Because the local government will gradually make the handling of a measured, so the desire for this coastal tourist attraction into something that will really reliable.

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  1. i love this place, because there are many interesting views, such as beautiful sunset and many ships. and one thing that i am as a cirebon's person really proud with my home town. thank you you have posted it.