Tanjung Tinggi Beach (Pantai Tanjung Tinggi) ------------ Belitung island, Indonesia

Tanjung Tinggi Beach (Pantai Tanjung Tinggi)
Located not far from Tanjung Kelayang Beach, Tanjung Tinggi Beach, There are also still located in District Sijuk, located about 31 km from Tanjung pandan and 8 km from Sijuk covers an area of ​​approximately 80 hectares and can be achieved from Tanjung pandan within 45 minutes. The beach has clean white sand and decorated by the arrangement of granite boulders as high as 15 beside and removed the beach. 5 m wide beach at high tide and 8 m at low tide shoreline length of about 1 km. High Cape Coast region is perfect for sunbathing, fishing, diving, swimming, playing jet ski or even playing on sand on the seashore.

Formerly this place is a fishing port for the nearby village of Tanjung Keciput or Tanjung Tinggi. There are at least twenty simple seafood restaurants along the beach. This is the place for you to take a break, drinking coffee or order lunch. The main menu is seafood. Just do not expect you get the same class of service in the mall restaurants. They are just ordinary people from the village who opened a simple restaurant. Do not worry, the people there are always friendly to all guests, just like most people of Indonesia.

you can walk on the white sand between the rocks and crystal clear sea water. White Sand is everywhere along the coast. Children will love to play there. Because the waves are not large, clear sea water with a sandy surface underwater, kids will really like playing on the beach. You do not need to worry about shark attacks, because it never happened in the Pacific Islands. The only thing that sometimes have to look out for is the jellyfish, particularly large.

Tanjung tinggi beach is a beach that is flanked by two peninsula. This white sandy beach, and unique because there are hundreds of huge granite boulders scattered in the peninsula and also in the sea in front of the beach. The size of granite ranging from a few cubic meters to hundreds of cubic meters bigger than a building of houses. You can ride, run and jump between the granite to enjoy exclusive views from every angle you stand.

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