padang- padang Beach (Suluban Beach), Bali, Indonesia

Many of us are still strange when I hear the name of Padang Padang beach or can be called Suluban Beach, lies a hidden beach is probably one of the causes is less well known to many people.

If from downtown Denpasar towards the beach is located about 35 km / 45 minutes by motor vehicle headed south towards Nusa Dua Beach then moved to the area Pecatu. and found this beach is still "far neighbor" of Dream land beach. during low tide we can easily to the beach with the beach from Dream land probably about just a few miles away. but if it was high tide the road is impassable from Pura Uluwatu.
This beach is usually crowded foreign tourists for sunbathing, swimming and surfing. if it was high tide surfers flocked to the beach because it has good waves for surfers. take it easy if we ask about the facility. although secluded beach is a standard facility for a beach from the rinse, toilet, and also Lifeguard or coast guard.

The view is very beautiful beach with crystal clear water is greenish blue, soft white sand, gentle waves voice and breezes that blow made ​​the atmosphere on the beach is so quiet and peaceful.

The beach is surrounded by a very sturdy stone cliffs are also a lot of overgrown trees are dense, so many monkeys that roam around the beaches that provide their own entertainment for the tourists who were relaxing on the beach of Padang-Padang. In addition, the coral reefs that grow wild around the shoreline also add to the attraction of this beach.

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