Sundak Beach, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Sundak beach is a beach in the district of Gunung kidul, precisely in the village district Sidoharjo Tepus. Being in the ranks of the south coast lined with beaches Kukup, Krakal, Drini, and Beaches Along the Baron.

In Sundak Beach, there are small rocks in a row and became the hiding-marine biota. Another attraction of this beach are the trees that make it cool, sea breeze beach around will increasingly make we feel like at home.
Stretch of shoreline and coral-reef marine playground petite nan adorable. Corals that stands firmly as Coast guard Sundak nan sturdy and brave. Limestone hills in the background adds elegance towering coastal and inland sea meeting the southern coast of Java island.

Sundak beach also offers a pleasant atmosphere of the night. You can enjoy the evening breeze while ordering raw fish to be grilled with friends. By paying a few thousand, you can buy wood for fuel. If lazy, just order a mature, so be ready to eat. What is clear, do not be confused to find a place to stay.

This beach is famous for its natural scenery of green that blends with the refreshing atmosphere of the beach, commonly used as a place for tourist campsite adolescents.

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