Rebo beach, Bangka Belitung Islands Province, Indonesia

Rebo beach is only about 8 km from City Sungailiat capital of Bangka Regency Bangka Belitung Islands Province. With the beautiful foothill, make this beach visited by many tourists all over.

The coastline of Rebo beach that stretches for tens of kilometers to the texture of hilly land that make this beach ideal location to enjoy the sunrise.

Not far from the Rebo beach, with along the coastline toward the town will be found  Parai Tenggiri Beach is located in the village of New Light, sub Sungiliat. Is the only beach that has been tilled seriously as an integrated tourism area, Parai Beach Tenggiri is equipped with Parai Beach Resort and Spa which is 4 star and Parai Pool Villa Resort and Spa is a 5-star.

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