Romodong Beach, located in District Belinyu, Bangka island, Indonesia

Bangka island famous for its many beautiful beaches and natural, so that should be visited by tourists. One of them Romodong Beach, located in District Belinyu, Bangka.

The location of Romodong Beach is in Belinyu area , north Bangka 77 km from Sungailiat. In this beach the tourists can see a sunset fenomenal. Because this location is face to west. All beach have 4 km distance. If we go to this beach we can see white and soft sand here. this beach have a pure water like crystal.

Other beauty of Romodong Beach, year-round beach wavy Romodong always ramps not being in the bay. While enjoying the sunset or just playing in the sand, usually residents also bring lunch and visiting with family or friends.
The beach is approximately 500 m long, have scattered stones become trimmer panorama of the beach. Remodong Beach was in the middle of the Gulf Kelabat. from this coast, inland districts of West Bangka .


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