Jimbaran Beach ( pantai Jimbaran) ...... Bali Island, Indonesia

Now, we are landed in Bali, For the first I chose this place. Jimbaran beach is one of the famous tourist beach on the island of Bali, located one Jimbaran beach coastline and Kuta beach. We know the island is the island of Bali in Indonesia is very famous in the International, where as an island tour and an international-class culture. Jimbaran Beach is located south of the island of Bali. besides well-known for its beauty and charm of the landscape, not only that, Jimbaran tourist area also has a complete tourist facilities like accommodation (Intercontinental, Four Seasons Resort, etc..), a restaurant with a menu of local and international cuisine, spas, shopping and other facilities. Jimbaran beach was once a fishing village that until now we could see the number of boats - fishing boat rests in the middle of the beach and the fish market that sells a wide range of the catch of fishermen. Lobster, oysters, clams, crabs, squid and various kinds of fish in various sizes.


The beach is beautiful with a slightly different view to the beach of Kuta, Legian or Seminyak unless panoramic setting sun. The Visible in the distance many traditional boats were catching fish and there is also a traditional boat rented by tourists who surf because the waves are ideal for surfing located some distance away, not on the beach as well as the beach of Kuta. At the northern end of Jimbaran beach there is a fish market that sells various types of fresh fish. Jimbaran beach is also very famous for its restaurant with a menu of typical dishes of the sea. There are about 24 restaurants on Jimbaran beach is never quiet with visitors who want to enjoy sea food dishes at once beautiful coastal panorama.


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  1. Yes, seafood cuisines with fresh material is the best choice for dinner on the beach. I love the beach so much...