Celong Beach ( Pantai Celong) Banyuputih, Batang , Central Java, Indonesia


Banyuputih city, central java, Indonesia, we are now landed at the coast are no less beautiful than Ujung Negoro Beach, this beach called  Celong Beach.The beach that has become the idol of the community around and out of town, has a beautiful panoramic coastal environment, although it is less neglected. In addition, the route path to the beach is also slightly damaged but there is beautiful scenery along the way to the beach. at some point this coastal region often used for camping, and there is a railway route that passes right at the edge of this beach. presents a beautiful panorama of its own for passenger trains. 

The Celong Beach may be more beautiful beach and beautiful tourist attractions,it  will be a very potential if the government would improve and the people around this coast participated maintain the cleanliness of this beach.

Celong beach located in the mangunsari village, sub Banyuputih , Batang regency, Central Java, Indonesia 

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